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Baby Buzz Founder and President Melissa Couch Salim

“If you’re afraid it’s too late or too hard to adopt, it most likely isn’t!”

I am very passionate about helping people fulfill their dream of becoming a parent.

Today, I am the proud mother to a beautiful daughter, Olivia Grace.

But my journey to find her was long and, at times, very difficult and discouraging.

I spent most of my 30’s and 40’s building my career and my company. During that time, I longed to be a mother, but as a single woman, I didn’t think it was possible. Still dreaming about it, I would Google “Adoption” then would immediately feel overwhelmed by the huge amounts of information that popped up on my screen.

When I finally married, my husband supported my longing for motherhood. We decided that, together, we would adopt. I was thrilled and started the process with hope and determination.

We faced an unexpected challenge: Our AGE. Our combined ages exceeded many agency age limits.

Undeterred, I spent many hours over many weeks cold calling agency after agency until I found one that would work with us. Then I had to make more calls to find a home study agency that would agree to do our home study!

As the process dragged on, we joined a second agency that ended up placing us with my daughter. Joining a second agency was time consuming and costly – something you shouldn’t have to go through.

Becoming parents to Olivia has been the greatest blessing of our lives. She has changed and shaped our world in so many ways.

I wanted to share my story because your journey to adoption doesn’t have to be as long, challenging and confusing as mine. I want to help you make the right connections to bring you to your future child, safely, efficiently, quickly and as cost effectively as .

If you long to be a parent, then let me help make that dream come true for you!

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Melissa Couch Salim

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