We offer our services in multiple phases tailored to your needs.

You may feel you only need assistance early on or you may want guidance all the way through the adoption experience.

Baby Buzz gently guides its parents through the adoption process as quickly and effeciently as possible to reduce your adoption process “wait” time while also reducing your costs in making good decision in the beginning. Our Baby Buzz team has a combined experience of 30 years and our agency and law firm network is wide and vast making it possible for us to serve anyone interested in becoming an adoptive parent.


Your adoption experience starts here.

Initial Consultation

Is Adoption Right for you? A free 30 minute Introductory session:

  • Understanding Private versus State Adoption
  • Understanding Fostering to Adopt
  • Understanding International Adoption
  • Understanding Closed versus Open versus Semi-Open Adoption

Game Plan

Develop a detailed roadmap that reflects your goals, objectives, time frames and budget so that our direction is clear and our pathway is direct towards your baby destination.

Get Connected

Connect you with the necessary firms that meet your requirements to get your adoption process underway as quickly and efficiently as possible. This is a mission critical point in choosing the right law firm and/agency for you and understanding all that they offer within their presented fee schedules. Baby Buzz will review all documents with you and for you to be sure that the fine print is read and understood. Baby Buzz will also be educating you on “Adoption Friendly States” when it comes to birth parents’ termination rights.


Assist with applications, home study paperwork that will be required, adoption profile books and other items that will come up as you undergo the initial process.

Finalize Paperwork

Finalize all contracts and needed paperwork and personal documents. We make sure that all the T’s are crossed and the I’s dotted. Not submitting complete and accurate paperwork will prolong the process. It is important to also really understand agency or firm contracts so that you are completely aware of what’s included, what’s NOT included and all the terms of that contract.


Working together through the selection process.

Waiting / Anticipation

Our goal is getting to phase 2 quickly and efficiently. Once all necessary paperwork, documentation and adoption profile books are complete and have been submitted your job is temporarily complete. This is exciting however because this also when the “waiting” begins. Baby Buzz is here to continue to support and guide you through this exciting but at times stressful portion of the process. Our team will provide support, counseling and coaching if necessary, to get through this in the most positive and hopeful manner possible.

Being Selected

Once you have been selected it’s time to meet a potential birth mother. Baby Buzz will counsel you on ways to connect with her, safe questions to ask, and appropriate conversations during this phase of your process. Not all birth mothers are fit and its alright to say “no” during this phase. Baby Buzz will be with you to listen to your concerns and assist in offering suggestions.


Your baby’s journey to thier new home.


It’s time to meet your baby! We can assist you with travel tips, from the types of hotels to consider, to last minute shopping needs for the baby and yourselves as well as prepare you to bring your baby home.

Post Placement

We will support you through the post placement process. Baby Buzz will respond to concerns or answer any questions regarding home-study agency visits and legal support. Every state has an “adoption waiting” period and Baby Buzz will guide and support through this phase as well as assist in new parenting questions as you begin your parenting journey.

Finalized Adoption

This will be a time when you are really excited to journey to the courthouse to finalize the adoption of your child. Not all courts require parents to be there in person, but many parents take this opportunity to invite family members and friends and make it a photo opportunity for your child’s adoption scrapbook. We highly recommend this.

Post Legal Adoption

It’s time to get busy and order all necessary documents. Baby Buzz can assist you in obtaining birth certificates, social security cards and passports if necessary.


Your family’s journey and hint to how to navigate.

Raising an Adopted Child

Baby Buzz offers counseling and support to assist parents as they enter into parenthood of an adopted child. There are many phases for this process and we often find that support begins to be needed at age three or four and even into the teenage and adult years.

Ready to Begin?

If you are ready to begin we can get started or feel free to contact us if you have questions.

Beginning the journey of adoption is often times very complicated and overwhelming. Baby Buzz assists adoptive parents in building a detailed adoption game plan which will greatly reduce the process wait time as well as save money by making the right decisions at the beginning. We create a direct pathway to your baby destination.

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