The Process

We offer our services in multiple phases tailored to your needs. Whether you need assistance in early planning or want guidance through the entire adoption process, we’re here for you.

Our goal is to reduce barriers to your adoption, reduce your adoption process “wait” time, and reduce your costs by guiding you to the best decisions from the start. Our Baby Buzz team has 30 years combined experience in the adoption world, and we possess a wide, vast agency and law firm network to effectively serve you.


Your adoption experience starts here.

Initial Consultation

We provide a 30-minute Introductory session to answer some common questions:

  • Is Adoption Right for you?
  • What is Private versus State Adoption?
  • What is Fostering to Adopt?
  • Is International Adoption the right option?
  • What is Closed versus Open versus Semi-Open Adoption?

Game Plan Development

We develop a detailed roadmap that reflects your goals, objectives, time frames and budget so that the scope of work is clear and our efforts leads directly towards your adoption destination.

Making Connections

We connect you with the necessary firms that meet your requirements to get your adoption process underway as quickly and efficiently as possible. This is a mission critical point where we help you choose the right law firm and agency for you. We can review all documents with you and review the fine print so there aren’t any surprises. We’ll brief you on “Adoption Friendly States” that enforce birth parents’ termination rights.


Process Guidance

We’ll assist you with the copious amounts of applications and home study paperwork, adoption profile books, and other documents and processes that will come up as you move forward with a potential adoption.


Finalize Paperwork

We’ll help you finalize all contracts and necessary paperwork and personal documents, making sure that all the T’s are crossed and the I’s are dotted. Failure to submit complete and accurate paperwork can prolong the process so we help you avoid this pitfall. We’ll ensure you understand the agency or firm contracts so you know what’s included and what’s NOT included in the adoption arrangement.


Working together through the selection process.

Waiting / Anticipation

We strive to get you to Phase Two as quickly as possible. Once all necessary paperwork, documentation and adoption profile books are complete and have been submitted, the “waiting” begins. We are here to continue to support and guide you through this exciting but, at times, anxiety-inducing portion of the process. Our team will provide support, counseling, and coaching, as needed, to get you through this time in the most positive manner possible.

Being Selected

If you are going for a private adoption, once you’ve been selected as an adoptive parent, it’s time to meet a potential birth mother. We will counsel you on ways to connect with her, guide you on the safe questions to ask, and coach you on how to hold appropriate conversations during this phase of your adoption process. Not all birth mothers are a fit. It’s okay to say “no” during this phase. We will be with you to listen to your concerns and assist in offering suggestions.


Your baby’s journey to their new home.


It’s time to meet your baby! If you are traveling to pick up your new addition, we can assist you with travel tips, from the types of hotels to consider to last minute shopping needs for the whole family as well as prepare you for bringing your baby home.

Post Placement

We will support you through the post placement process, responding to any questions or concerns you may have regarding post-adoption home-study agency visits and legal support. Every state has an “adoption waiting” period and we will guide and support you through this phase as well as be on hand to answer any new parenting questions you might have as you begin your parenting journey.

Finalized Adoption

The process is not over yet! At this stage, you make the exciting journey to the courthouse to finalize the adoption of your child. Not all courts require parents to be there in person, but many parents take this opportunity to invite family members and friends to make the monumental, life-changing event a photo opportunity for your child’s adoption scrapbook. We highly recommend you do this.


Post Legal Adoption

It’s time to get busy and order all the necessary documents for your new family member. We can assist you in obtaining birth certificates, social security cards, passports, etc.


Your family’s journey and hint to how to navigate.

Raising an Adopted Child

The adoption is complete. Now what? We offer counseling and support to assist you as you parent an adopted child. There are many phases to this unique and rewarding process of parenthood. You may find you especially need support at key age transitions – from toddler years to grade school years to tweens and then teens. We can even offer support and guidance as your adopted child transitions to college and into their adult years. We’re here for you at every stage of your adoptive parenting experience.

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Beginning the journey of adoption can be very complicated and overwhelming. We streamline your adopting process with a detailed adoption game plan. We create a direct pathway to your final destination: Adoption.

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