Types of Adoption

There are a number of adoption options for you to consider. Each one has pros and cons as well as various entry points, agencies and processes to navigate. Some are more open to older, single, or same-sex, adoptive parents than others. We guide you to the one that best suits your needs.

We’ll help you pick the one that is right for you.


Adoption Options

Private Adoption

The placement of a US born infant for adoption by the birth parent(s) who legally consent to the adoption with an adoptive family or through an agency.

Foster Care Adoption

The adoption of a child in foster care whose biological parents’ rights have been terminated by a court. Kids in foster care can range in ages between 12 months and 20 years of age.

Foster to Adopt

An individual or couple decides to care for a child while the biological parents are being evaluated by the court system. If a family ultimately wants to adopt, fostering can be risky, as sometimes the child is placed back in the home of the biological family. However, if a family longs for a younger child, fostering to adopt might be a wise decision.

International Adoption

This is a kind of adoption where a child is adopted from a foreign country. There are many counties what allow American to adopt but the rules frequently change and a dossier must be submitted for international approval. This process can be daunting. With International adoption parental right are terminated before a child is placed for adoption.

Open Adoption

This is a form of adoption that allows birth parents to know and have contact with the adoptive parents and the adopted child.

Closed Adoption

This is a form of adoption in which the biological parents have no direct contact with the adoptive family and the adoptive parents often know little or nothing about the biological parents.

Semi-Open Adoption

This form of adoption occurs when the potential birth mother or birth families experience non-identifying interaction the with adoptive families. In most cases, interaction is facilitated by a third party which is usually the adoption agency or attorney.

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